Antenna for Fifth Generation Wireless System


ISBN : 9789835218552
Editor : Mohamad Kamal A. Rahim & Noor Asmawati Samsuri
Published Year : 2022


This edited book is intended to give an overview to researchers, academicians, industries and etc. about the concept of antenna for 5G wireless communication. This edited book is divided into 12 chapters and each chapter explains various antenna designs for 5G systems. The frequency allocations for 5G systems are at 700 MHz for low band frequency, 3.5 GHz at the mid band frequency and 26/28 GHz at mm wave frequency. The first chapter introduces the 5G wireless system and the antenna requirement for 5G system. The mm wave antenna using waveguide technology is later explained in chapter 2 and chapter 12. In addition, chapter 3 and chapter 5 describe the reconfigurable antenna for pattern and frequency for 5G. Chapter 4 and chapter 7 describe the dielectric antenna for 5G application. Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) antenna is thoroughly explained in chapter 9 and 10. The design is described at mm wave frequency. The final antenna design using metamaterial structure is described in chapter 8. This metamaterial antenna is designed at 3.5 GHz frequency band. With this explanation the reader will understand the requirement and the design of antenna for 5G system.