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Penerbit UTM Press invites writers (UTM Staff and non-UTM Staff) to publish original books with us.

 An original book is considered as the author’s own writing that is not fabricated or copied, not duplicated, and not translated from other writings.

(Reference: Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat)

Excerpts/statements/opinions from other writers that are used to support the author’s arguments, must be clearly cited and referred to the original source of the information.

Penerbit UTM Press was established with the goal of providing services towards aiding and encouraging the academic staff to produce original works or translated works for the use of teaching and learning and for general reading materials to the general public. Publication of the original book at Penerbit UTM Press can be categorised as

Text Books

Text Books are books about a subject that are used by teachers and students as teaching and learning materials.

Reference Books

Reference Books are published materials that are used as references for further clarification about a certain matter (for learning, laboratory work, etc).

General Books

General Books are reading materials regarding general matters and may appeal to the general public (masses). (Modified from Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat)

Jom Tulis Buku Karya Asli
Download the slide here.

These are the guidelines for writing a manuscript including the house style, manuscript preparation, and additional information.

(a)   A printed copy of original manuscript
(1 hardcopy must be submitted to Penerbit UTM Press)
(b)   Softcopy of manuscript (Using Microsoft Word)
–       All in file (required)
–       Separated file (required)
–       Softcopy to be emailed to karyaasli@utm.my  (required)

The structure of the manuscript consists of these parts.
A manuscript is considered complete when it fulfills all requirements to become a book. Generally, a book contains three main parts, which are the Front Matter, Main Text, and Back Matter. Therefore, an author must ensure that the prepared manuscript contains all three parts.

Front Matter
(a)   Cover –  Manuscript title with author’s name
(b)   Manuscript title (required)
(c)   Dedication page (optional)
(d)   List of contents (required)
(e)   List of illustrations (optional)
(f)    List of tables (optional)
(g)   Foreword (optional)
(h)   Preface (required)
(i)    Introduction (optional)
(j)    Acknowledgment (optional)
(k)   List of abbreviations/symbols (if any)

Main Text
(a)    Title of Parts and numbering (if any)
(b)    Title of Chapters  and numbering (required)
(c)    Title of Segments/Sections (required)
(d)    Segment/Section numbering (required except for social sciences)
(e)    Excerpts/quotes (if any)
(f)    Illustrations/tables (if any)
(g)    Illustration/table numbering with caption (if any)
(h)    Footnotes/chapter notes/endnotes (if any)
(i)    Page numbering (required)

Back Matter
(a)   Appendix (if any)
(b)   List of terminology (if any)
(c)   Glossary (optional)
(d)   Bibliography/References (required) -using APA Format
(e)   Index (required)

Information for the back cover (Blurb)
(a)   Synopsis (required)
(b)   Biodata & photo of the author (required) *photo in jpeg format not less than 300 dpi

Additional information
(a) All copyrighted materials (illustrations, images, tables, newspaper or magazine clippings, articles, and acts) must receive the necessary copyright releases from the original publisher or conference organizer. (Statement letter/reproduction rights from the original publisher must be attached.)

Penerbit UTM Press House style
1) The manuscript must be typed/recorded neatly and consistently using size A4 paper, double-spacing with only one side printed. Please use Times New Roman font with the font size of 12.

2) The authors must ensure that every text page conforms to the standardized margins, that is 32mm (1.23”) from the left, 32mm (1.23”) from the right, 25mm (1.0”) from the top, and 32mm (1.23”) from the bottom.

3) When preparing the manuscript, use of uppercase letters, italic letters, punctuation marks, acronym numbering systems, spelling, and grammar should follow and adopt Gaya Dewan Edisi Ketiga.

4) Preparation of science and engineering manuscripts requires careful and serious attention from the authors with regards to consistency in the use of terminology, measuring units, dimensions, symbols, mathematical formulas, technical marks, and so on. Their use must follow the standards set in Gaya Dewan Edisi Ketiga.

5) The layout of the text is best-given attention from the beginning phase of the manuscript preparation according to the following stages:
(a) CHAPTER TITLE  – must be in uppercase letters and can be situated either in the center or aligned to the left or right using a suitable font size.
(b) Dividing titles into subtitles is allowed, but more than FIVE (5) layers of subtitles are not encouraged.
Subtitle division is allowed by using certain letters according to the division status guide.
For example
      (i)              FIRST SUBTITLE- Consists of bold uppercase letters;
      (ii)             Second Subtitle- Consists of bold uppercase and lowercase letters;
      (iii)            Third SubtitleConsists of bold and italic uppercase and lowercase letters;
      (iv)             Fourth SubtitleConsists of medium uppercase and lowercase letters;
      (v)              Fifth SubtitleConsists of italic uppercase and lowercase letters.


  • A royalty will be paid at a rate of 10%-14% (subject to the number of total prints) from the retail price of the book multiplied by the total number of sold copies. This royalty will be paid based on the number of copies sold.

  • The manuscript submitted to Penerbit UTM Press must consist of the whole material in its original printed form.
  • The manuscript must be submitted in a flat condition, that is, not folded or rolled or any other condition that may compromise the evaluation process by the reviewers and must be put in an envelope with robust sheet binders. The suitable binding will be done by Penerbit UTM Press.
  • The manuscript that is submitted to Penerbit UTM Press must be the final thoughts of the author in his/her writing and NOT a draft that will be modified afterward.
  • All illustrations such as photography, figures, charts, graphs, maps, and drawings must be submitted in softcopy. If the illustration (in jpeg) has been given a caption and number, the caption and number must be the same as in the text.
  • Handwritten manuscripts that are submitted will NOT be accepted.
  • Hardcopy of the manuscript can be sent to this address:
    Penerbit UTM Press
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    81310 Johor Bahru
    att: Original Book & Special Project Unit
    Tel : 07-553 5670

These are the compulsory step.

(1) The author is responsible to make sure the Turnitin Report is below 20%. The report can be done either by author / Penerbit UTM Press.
(2) Complete this AUTHOR’S DECLARATION FORMKindly read and understand the term and conditions to make sure a smooth publication process.
(3)  Kindly send all the material above to karyaasli@utm.my

Form in Malay version:


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