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Penerbit UTM Press invites writers (UTM Staff and non-UTM Staff) to publish teaching modules with us.

Teaching modules (TM) are a collection of teaching materials and lecture notes that include tables, formulas, teaching slides, and others that are published for UTM internal use only.

For a slide please click here.

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Types of Teaching Modules

(1) Text-Formed

A module that is used as a reference and contains more information about a subject or course can help in the teaching and learning process. The size of this module is 6.5″ × 9.5″.

Please download the template here.

(2) Workbook

Modules that are used as references and workbooks on a subject or course are used as interactive teaching instruments. The size of this module is 8.3″ x 11.7″ (A4).

Please download the template here.

These are the guidelines for writing a manuscript including the house style, manuscript preparation, and additional information.


Here are the guidelines to constructing a manuscript in a word file. Click here.

Teaching Module Workflow

The teaching module workflow is available in pdf format. Click here.

APA Style

For reference use APA Style 7th Edition. Click here.


The complete manuscript that the writer himself has typeset should be submitted to the Penerbit UTM Press in the form of a printed original copy and sent to the following address:

Penerbit UTM Press
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 Johor Bahru

att: Original Book & Teaching Module Unit
Tel: 07-553 5818

For the softcopy kindly email modulpengajaran@utm.my


These are the compulsory steps:

  1. Complete this writer’s declaration form. Please kindly read and understand the terms and conditions to ensure a smooth publication process.
  2. Please send the form to modulpengajaran@utm.my

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What is the medium (language) for the teaching module?Who does the typesetting of the teaching module?1. What is a teaching module?

A teaching module is a collection of teaching materials and lecture notes that include tables, formulas, teaching slides, and others published for student use.

2. What types of services does Penerbit UTM Press offer?

(a) manage ISBN and PDP applications.

(b) provide one (1) book cover design.

(c) manage the printing service, excluding sales and distribution.

 3. Who does the typesetting of the teaching module?

The typesetting work is done by the author him/herself, according to the template provided by Penerbit UTM Press. The template can be downloaded at https://penerbit.utm.my/teaching-module/.

 4. Can I use pictures, diagrams, tables, etc. with copyrights, be they in printed forms or obtained from the internet?


5. What is the medium (language) for the teaching module?

Either Malay or English language only.

 6. Are the teaching modules printed in color or black and white?

Black and white print only. 

7. What is the estimated cost of publishing a teaching module?

RM20-RM35 per copy (50-250 pages)

8. What is the minimum copies for printing service?

50 copies.

9. Where can I get the teaching module publication application form?


 10. What is the coverage for teaching module distribution?

For internal lectures, UTM students, and internal circulation only.

11. How do I purchase teaching modules?

Writers can purchase directly from Penerbit UTM Press  on full payment or via the consignment method.

12. What is the sales method for teaching modules?

Teaching modules are sold directly by the author or lecturer to their own students.

13. Do I need to submit some copies to the publisher?

Yes, a total of seven (7) copies need to be submitted to the Penerbit UTM Press for distribution to the National Library of Malaysia (PNM) as part of the ISBN requirement.

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