Big Data and Machine Learning with Applications


ISBN : 9789835218576
Editor : Yusliza Yusof & Sarina Sulaiman
Published Year : 2022


This book presents a collection of studies related to Big Data (BD) and Machine Learning (ML) in its various real-world applications. The presentation starts with an introduction and overview of BD and ML. Not only limited to marketing strategy, ML is also very affective in many areas, such as heritage property, construction, water quality, classification, crime analysis, dentistry, Covid-19 and healthcare. Different modeling techniques and mechanisms are developed by the authors for a reliable and sustainable prediction strategy based on BD. Besides that, a comprehensive analysis of traditional and modern analysis is also discussed in this book. Based on the experimental results from the chapters, it is observed that ML can generate promising results and help the development of related areas. Hence, this book covers the execution of BD and ML that brings beneficial in term of time, cost, and quality.