Emerging Research on Biosciences Technology


ISBN : 9789835218583
Editor : M.B. Malarvili & Intan Sazrina Saimy
Published Year : 2022


Biosciences covers a broad range of multi-disciplinary topics that include not only human aspects but animals as well. This book discusses from the very basic understanding of physical structures of human and animals, digital and technology aides performed together with human actions related to each environment and surroundings. It explores from basics of fundamental knowledge on living things to the digital technologies used to assist the biosciences world. All studies are made for the betterment of all living things. Case studies, working principle, issues and future directions of research in biosciences are also presented. Each chapter lists common and unique features which aims to make every effort to contribute to progress in biosciences branches. They present revised and enhanced version of the chapters, taking into consideration new developments and tools available, discussing topics, and probability in medical technology, biotechnology and bio-system technology. These chapters will be of interest to scientists, biotechnologists, as well as students and researchers in the fields of biosciences and will be a valuable source for students and researchers looking to expand or refresh their knowledge in the bioscience world.