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Tarikh tulis: 23/11/2009 of Low Emissions Liquid Fuel Combustor
Pengarang: Mohammad Nazri Mohd. Jaafar, Kiran Babu Appalanidu
• 2009 • ISBN 978-983-52-0711-2 • 137 pages • RM37.00

This research monograph describes the development of a burner system with low emissions characteristics. It includes the design process involving all major parts and accessories such as combustion chamber, air supply system, fuel supply system, and fuel injector; fabrication processes involved for each components; and finally the results from tests conducted to verify that the liquid fuel burner developed is operable. … read more
Tarikh tulis: 03/06/2009 Roket Motor Bersaiz Kecil
Pengarang: Mohammad Nazri Mohd. Jaafar, Wan Khairuddin Wan Ali, Rizalman Mamat
• 2009 • ISBN 978-983-52-0496-8 • 80 hlm. • RM30.00

Penyelidikan ke atas motor roket berbahan dorong pepejal meliputi kerja-kerja reka bentuk, fabrikasi, dan pengujian motor roket. Motor roket berskala kecil ini direka bentuk bersesuaian dengan jenis propelan yang dibangunkan, iaitu propelan roket pepejal berasaskan kalium nitrat. …baca seterusnya
Tarikh tulis: 20/02/2009 Solid–phase Microextraction Fiber Coating for the Forensic Detection of Accelerants in Arson Samples
Author: Umi Kalthom Ahmad
• 2008 • ISBN 978-983-52-0486-9 • 99 pages • RM30.00

A crucial challenge in the scientific investigation of arson is the ability to uniquely detect accelerants. An improvement in accelerant extraction came with the development of headspace solid–phase microextraction (H–SPME) technique. The extraction is based on the enrichment of components on an adsorbent coated fused silica fiber. A number of adsorbents are commercially available, however some analytical methodologies might demand special coatings that have a particular selectivity towards specific analytes. … read more
Tarikh tulis: 17/12/2008–Carbon Dioxide: Conversions to Syngas and Hydrocarbons
Authors: Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Istadi, Tung Chun Yaw & Ruzina Isha
• 2008 • ISBN 978-983-52-0472-2 • 110 pages • RM35.00

This monograph describes the new innovation that has recently been developed for the CH4–CO2 conversions process. Optimization of CO2reforming of methane to synthesis gas with the help of experimental design, empirical modeling and ANN modeling are developed for CORM in presence of oxygen. An overview on dynamic equilibrium analysis has shown that an increase of sweep factors induced more significant enhancement hydrogen permeation than permselective area. … read more
Tarikh tulis: 25/07/2008 Speed Data Acquisition System For Computer Tomographic Imaging Instrumentation
Author: Ruzairi Abdul Rahim
• 2008 • ISBN 978-983-52-0477-7 • 165 pages • RM40.00

Monitoring solid gas flow in terms of flow visualization and mass flow rate (MFR) measurement is essential in industrial processes. Optical tomography provides a method to view the cross sectional image of flowing materials in a pipeline conveyor. Important flow information such as flow concentration profile, flow velocity and mass flow rate can be obtained without the need to invade the process vessel. … read more
Tarikh tulis: 18/08/2006 Institusi Pondok di Nusantara: Pengaruhnya di Negeri Kedah
Pengarang: Ramli Awang
• 2006 • ISBN 983-52-0396-2 • 54 hlm. • RM13.00

Kewujudan pusat–pusat pendidikan Islam di Nusantara adalah seiringan dengan bertapaknya Islam. Pusat–pusat ini berkembang dan mengalami pasang surutnya namun, ia masih berterusan sehingga ke hari ini. Istilah “pendidikan pondok” yang sinonim dengan pusat–pusat tersebut memberi sumbangan penting dalam memberi kefahaman dan pembentukan sahsiah umat Islam di rantau ini. … baca seterusnya
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