BIM Issues in Malaysian Construction Industry


ISBN : 9789835218569
Editor : Nur Emma Mustaffa & Kherun Nita Ali
Published Year : 2022


Building Information modelling (BIM) is a technique which manages the building design and project data in digital format throughout a building’s lifecycle. It does not only revolve around software but involves integrated and holistic approach between the stakeholders’ activities in a project to produce digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building through relevant software. It gives the opportunity for them to exchange information throughout the duration of the project through advanced methods. The construction industry and built environment disciplines have transformed through the development of new and innovative BIM tools and techniques. It changes how buildings are constructed, their function and looks. It also redefines the roles and working practices of the parties involved in a project. Thus, the Malaysian construction industry has taken significant steps to embrace BIM. The Malaysian construction industry has gained awareness on BIM implementation through various initiatives and efforts initiated by the government. BIM Issues in Malaysian Construction Industry is a book that provides an invaluable insight related to the potentiality of BIM adoption in Malaysia. It focuses on the various aspects related to BIM such as the integration of BIM in the quantity surveying program, the strategies on how to increase BIM adoption in the Malaysian construction industry and the potential use of Revit in quantity take-off activity in the preparation of cost estimate during the client’s brief stage. It also features topics related to standardized contract document for projects using BIM, application of BIM for sustainable building design and analysis in Malaysia and the potential use of blockchain in Malaysian construction industry. It is undeniable that the implementation of BIM is not without issues and challenges. However, if the stakeholders can smartly manage and take all the right steps in overcoming these issues and challenges, they will definitely be able to experience the ease and powerful technology which BIM can offer.